Who We Are!


We are Tabi Karaba and Lydia Mugure, two kids from the Pridelands of Kenya who love writing and developing fun stories while on double shot espressos (triple on Thursdays)!

We met in Kenyatta university studying Film and Theatre arts in the school of Creative Arts, I approached Tabi because we both liked Paramore and she played guitar, I played Guitar too and I loved to sing (I even caused a ghost story in the dorms because of my Evanescence cover at 3am and Tabi terrified multiple people with her goth aesthetic… ah, the leather and combat boots were a great look at the time) with these firm roots of our relationship firmly established, we grew as friends even as our careers went in very different directions!

Tabi ventured towards film making focusing more on creative direction editing and cinematography causing her to be the story and direction lead in Kawia’s adventure going as far as editing, choreographing, scripting, production and blocking all of the scenes in the project.

I, Lydia, found myself drawn to animation and computer programming causing me to completely shift my plans towards that, studying character modelling and rigging, animation , scene and environment design and C# coding, so in Kawia’s adventure I she handled the development of the animation, models, concept, scenes and even the music! (I am the ghost of room 304)


It was very fun!

We successfully play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses with Lydia being a ball of fiery energy that uses Tabi’s cool calm direction to guide us in the development of all we create, we formed an art syndicate named Naota Studios which we used to help us with our freelancing work by forming a skill sharing tree which we have slowly been growing by making new friends and setting up local workshops to share what we know with the general community (mostly through panels) and have finally put down the paperwork to make us an official studio! License and all!

Kawia’s adventure was a project we held dear to our hearts but we wrote it down and kept it on a shelf because at the time we had no time to take on more personal projects, especially one of its magnitude, working freelance jobs for a living as well as working on another personal project was hard enough! But when we got the news we got into the talent league, we freaked out because it meant we’d get to lay down the groundwork for Kawia!

and we didn’t think we’d get to do that for at least another year if at all!

So Yeah that’s our story! I could go into it but that would require I venture into government classified files! Like the time…no, Tabi says I don’t share that but there were Minions and Christmas lights and blue dye!


Goodbye Lovelies!!
We love you!
Lydia and Tabi!

Tabitha Karaba
Tabitha Karaba
Lydia Mugure
Lydia Mugure